Monday, September 26, 2005


Some days surprises are good things... blessings.... some little random thing that brings a smile to your face. Other days surprises are ugly reminders of past failures, sins forgiven but still bearing consequences, petty inconveniences. How easy it is to lose sight of the fact that Almighty God is my Father--He desires to give me all things right & good. I have the sweet presence of His Spirit to uplift & encourage. So today, I'm passing on some reminders & surprises that I've received of late.

On the topic of surprises, here's a Xanga to read: (no longer public). Personally I think that post leads well into Jack's song text post. So... if I had any question in mind as to God's ability to use struggling believers, I think I've been answered, again! =)

Then there were my own "little" surprises of the last 2 weeks.
  • I had a good time on our mammoth trip!!!
  • Gas is as cheap in New York as in Virginia... and it's all the same price or cheaper than gas in SC!
  • The son travels well. So well in fact that he only cried three times while we were gone. No kidding!!
    1. I smashed his arm between my shoulder & a door I was trying to open--bad mommy!
    2. His head got cracked with a cousin's head.
    3. One major gas attack, first one in about 4 months--his mom's fault again, too many weird things in my diet.
  • The critters all died while we were gone... well, except for the fish. They seemed especially glad to see us last night.
  • I'm allergic to my house! I was starting to come down with something before we left. It went away while we were gone, but now that we're home, it's back again!

So... I'm off to blow my nose..... again....

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