Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Entering non-cyber space....

Well, sometime later this morning we're off to New Jersey for the last major leg of our 'tour de norte americana.' Alas, my parents have not entered the computer age, so there will likely be no more posts until we get back home. Oh well.

Sunday Sept 18th
We left at 8:30am to drive 2 hours to the little church my brother-in-law has just been called to pastor. Anyone ever heard of W_ville, NY?? It's remotely near Ithica, and is actually very similiar in feel to the area where they currently live (Red Creek). Don't these "town" names tell you something right off the bat? I do use the term town loosely as they have one stop sigh each. W_ville must be a bit larger though, because it has its own post office!! ANYWAY......

Sermon was good, then the folks had a luncheon for us all.... saying good-bye to the intern who's been there for close to 10 months & welcome to the new pastor (my B-i-L... aka my husband's sister's hubby, hence my brother-in-law). Good food. Baptists sure do know how to do pot-luck dinners!! After lunch we checked out the parsonage, took pictures, etc., then loaded back up and headed to choir practice at the B&S-i-L's church. Why they're going to choir practice on their next-to-last Sunday there, I dunno. I guess some people are just dedicated. =) We got stuck after church b/c their pastor had announced that this was their next-to-last Sunday so everybody & his brother wanted to tak to them. Can't blame 'em. The B&SiL are pretty cool.

Monday, Sept 19th
Hubby & B-i-L took a big load of stuff down to their new place in W_ville. Kids hung out and watched Pinochio like 2 1/2 times in a row. T'was a get stuff done day.... relatively quiet, 'cept for yelling kids & yelling parents & screechy old dryers (sounded like it's in desparate need of like 5 cans of WD-40). Anyone know why it's called WD-40?? I heard once.... but don't remember......... I let go of my boot strap & my brain wandered off.


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