Saturday, May 17, 2008


So, Lord willing, as I have extra time on my hands (bwhahahaha) I'll be dragging over old posts from my Xanga and archiving them here. For posts with especially relevant comments, I plan to bring the comments along as well. Of course when the muse bites, I might actually write something new.

As of 10/20/08 I'm finally done dragging over all the posts from my old Xanga--at least the ones that I'm interested in making public! Naturally I've got a couple of posts in the queue (scribbled on scraps of paper when I wake up with my brain racing at ungodly hours of the night). I 'spose I'll get them up before too long. Best to get them up before Baby Dragon #3 makes their arrival or I'll never get caught up. Trouble is, once I've written the rattling thoughts down they don't bug me any more & the urgency is all gone. It's hard to work that urgency up again--especially with a baby poking it's foot in my diaphragm. LOL Anyway... enough rambling. My blogging history is finally al up in one spot. Have at it!! And "Welcome again!!!" :-)