Friday, January 27, 2006

Great quote of the month...

Well, OK, so it's from last year, but I finally remembered it correctly so I decided to post it.

Hubby on the topic of forwarding junk e-mails (after receiving the same hoax e-mail for the 3rd or 4th time in a week):

"This is why I don't forward e-mail. It's like putting the junk mail from our USPS box into an envelope and sending it to a friend. If I wouldn't do it with my junk mail, why would I do it with e-mail? Just put it in the trash where it belongs."

Thursday, January 26, 2006

252 pages....

I'm in the process of downloading a 252 page .pdf file..... at 24000 bps this might take a while!! O.O

Kid hit 10 months this week... the horses were just outside my window, eating the shrubbery... house hunting is at a stand-still while I get caught up from the ladies retreat this past weekend.

And speaking of the ladies retreat....

Would someone care to explain how it is that 18 grown Christian women can act like Jr Hi-ers (or younger) for 36 hours straight??

Suffice it to say I've just been reminded why it was that I hung out with the guys when I was growing up (women are way too catty). I've also been handed a topic for the Mother-Daughter Banquet on a silver platter. Heh heh. These ladies are used to a sugar and syrup devotional at these functions. After this past weekend, I feel like playing Wack-a-Mole.

OK, maybe Wack-a-Mole sounds a bit harsh..... but the Mother-Daughter Banquet isn't until May, so I've got a while to soften my approach.

Don't get me wrong, the retreat was great, I just feel the need to find a nice way to stomp on some toes.... Since gossip is such a feminine weakness & since Pastor just asked me to be the "special speaker" for said M-D banquet, I think I have a ready-made topic! 36 hours in the making, to be precise! :-D

Of course when I'm done Pastor may regret having asked me... muwaaahahahaha

Monday, January 16, 2006

9 Houses in 4 hours.....

The one that looked the best on paper had an inch & a half of water standing in the basement. *sighs* Back to the searching again. =)

On the good news front, hubby likes the cute little house that was $145K. Heh heh...

..............waiting for owners to get REALLY desperate!!

..........waiting.............. waiting..............waiting..............

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I found a house Tuesday...

I found a house Tuesday... I had the brilliant idea of buying street maps of Pickens & Anderson counties (where we're looking to buy property), so we could get some perspective on where properties were that we were finding on-line. So... where's the best place to find a good local map?? At an old local gas station. So off I go out 183 towards Pickens and stop at the first gas station I come to. Go in, find the maps, head to the counter to make my first house-related purchase.... As is typically the case here in SC, the cashier engaged me in conversation, and managed to find out that I was purchasing said map to aid in house hunting.

She volunteered the information that the property next to hers was for sale. "It's a really nice house," she exclaimed. "We just couldn't believe it when they put it on the market; it's a big two-story place. We never thought they'd ever sell it. It has it's own well and everything." I inquired as to the purchase price (she didn't know, they wouldn't tell her when she asked). She did give me directions though, so I could go see the house of her dreams. I assumed since it was a big two-story house it would be out of our price range, but I decided to take a drive-by anyway. Imagine my surprise when the big two-story house turned out to be... um.... not big?! It's actually a really cute little house. -]

Only half of it has an upper story, and the well she was raving about..... Remember back a few years ago when *everybody* has those fake wishing-well things in their yards?? Heh. This one looks like if you leaned on it while making a wish, it'd fall over!! Definitely not a well to drink water from like we have now. Hee hee. Anyway, I wrote down the number of the office/listing agent. Hubby & kid & I are going to do a drive-by on Saturday. If he likes the looks of it, we'll call & see about getting a showing.

My bet is that it was built in the 30's. It's a really snug looking place.. think "cute little cozy cottage" and you'll have a pretty good idea. It looks smaller than a Cape Cod.......... I've got no idea how many bedrooms it might have, I guess we'll have to wait & see. It had a detached garage, paved driveway & sidewalks here & there, a nicely wooded lot, established shrubbery--something hard to find down here. It really looks like a little old couple used to live there... the kind of little old couple that are really nice & sweet & always took really good care of everything. I fell in love with it when I saw it, but we're a L-O-N-G way off of doing anything (other than driving around & getting ideas about what's out there). The last place we looked at (on-line) turned out to be the only framed house in the middle of 2 square miles of dumpy trailers......

So there you have what I was going to post Wednesday... but since you so patiently waited, I'm going to reward you with an update!!

I called the realtor at 5:01 yesterday afternoon & asked the listing price for said cute little house. "$145,000," he said, "but I talked to the owners a little bit ago, and they're thinking of coming down on the price. They mentioned $132,000 (said in tone of derision)." Apparently the owners are making payments on two properties & want to get out from under this one. It's a 3 bed/2 bath house with 400 sq ft of unfinished attic-like space upstairs on 2 acres (which the agent is willing to show us anytime), centrally located between Berea, Pickens & Pumpkintown.

I think the owners must be smoking something.... That's a nice sized lot & the house looks to be in good shape too, but $145K???? They're nuts!! This is Pickens Co. for Pete's sake!!!! Even $132K is over-priced for the location. Granted that it's the nicest house on the street, but the property next door is your run-of-the-mill red-neck abode of choice, (aka trailer). The neighborhood isn't in an up and coming area..... it's just over-priced.

Of course as first-time home buyers on a single income, we can't afford any where near either price anyway.... but if hubby likes the looks of it, we just might eventually call & ask for a showing. If the owners get desperate enough.............

Wednesday, January 4, 2006


Words... some are 4-lettered... some that aren't should be. =) OK. Got that out of my system. Received a letter from my folks this week (that has nothing to do with 4 lettered words). Turns out my mom wrote a poem just before being diagnosed with diabetes.... back before she had a clue as to why everything physical was going so weird on her. Apparently Mom & Dad thought I'd gotten a copy of said poem, because when it came up around Christmas time they both acted like I should have a clue as to what they were talking about. I didn't... but that's not unusual. ;-) Anyway..... thought I'd share it.

The Lord is my Potter

The Lord is my Potter.
I am the clay, the work of Your hand.
When I see the awesome beautiful universe
You created out of nothing spinning in place
I have complete confidence in You.

My life will not spin out of your control.
The closer I stay to the center of Your wheel
The less I get thrown off balance as You dig out the grit -
My willful, rebellious, selfishness - sin.

I am aware of being in the hollow of Your hand
As you gently pressure me with Your fingertips.
I know I am safe as You turn my life to remake
What I have marred and messed up, so others
Can see You in my life -- Your own special design.

You encourage me as I see You work in other's lives.
I am Your clay. Christ is in me, the hope of glory.
I am complete in You. You are my hope.
Do what You see is best. You see the finished project.

Thank You Father, Potter; Lord Jesus Christ, Savior;
Holy Spirit, Guide in my life that I will be
In Your showcase of Your overflowing grace
Through all eternity - a trophy of Your grace.

--Grace J.G.R. early summer 2004