Tuesday, November 9, 2010

[Baby] Hits Like an Atom Bomb

Most folks who know me IRL and have spent any length of time at my house know I love listening to Chanticleer. And until this past weekend, if you had asked me my favorite Chanticleer song, I would have said Shenandoah . . . but . . . our new baby changed that.

As my husband and I are long time Chanticleer fans, we had tickets for the November 8th concert at the Brooks Center in Clemson. Row B seats, mind you--front-n-center. Alas, I started having contractions Sunday afternoon. Realizing they weren't going to stop (and) I would have to give up Monday's concert; I consigned myself to listening to Chanticleer on iTunes while labor got kicking into high gear.

Irony? The first Chanticleer song in my iTunes was their "[Jesus] Hits Like an Atom Bomb." The . very . first . song. Less than an hour later, BD#4 was here. So yeah, I have a new favorite Chanticleer song. LOL (But I would rather have been at the concert. Believe me, I'm MUCH more upset at missing Chanticleer than that "her" name is Peter, LOL.)