Thursday, March 30, 2006

Packing?? Packing? What's that??

Up until today, I had packed only one box in the month of March...... but hey, I have lots of excuses for that!! :-D The truck fiasco... trying to get all the little details worked out for closing on the house... having BD#1 turn 1 last Friday... massive exhaustion--just dragon #2 is coming!!! :-)

Anyway, you'll all be glad to know that I got 3 boxes packed during the kid's morning nap. No more mugs or tea pots available, so don't plan on having anything hot to drink if you happen to wander this way before we move!! ;-)

Speaking of moving, at this point we're planning to officially move in at the end of April. At least, when we paid rent for April we told the landlady at we'd be gone at the end of the month!! (Anyone want to rent a trailer in the woods?) The biggest hurdle blocking this end-of-April move is the fact that we're going to be taking a 13-day trip to points north during April O.O for the purpose of picking up the "new to us" Ford Explorer from Hubby's Dad. -] So.... our plan is to pack madly in the 2 weeks between now & leaving for the Nawth, then rent a moving truck on that last weekend of April (just a day or two after TF's house closing!)

Hubby is amusing himself by grabbing random things he doesn't think we'll need between now and then & filling the little Accord we're borrowing for nightly trips to the new house. All the folding chairs went over last night, so if you come by before official move day, at least you'll have some place to sit!! Once we get all moved in, I'll post an invite for an afternoon tea... or maybe it should be an evening coffee.... we'll see!! ;-)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Saturday, March 18, 2006

March 28th ?!?!?!?!

Well... have spent more time making & receiving phone calls over the last 2 weeks than at any other time in my short 31 years... with the possible exception of the days just after Baby Dragon #1 was born. Note to self: When next child is born, be sure to take phone off the hook... for like... a month.... or longer...

But, on the bright side, it does look like things are finally settled. We have the Ramey vehicle til Wednesday the 22nd, then we're borrowing another car from a family at church until the 12th of April when we'll be renting a car to drive Nawth in for a family vacation /// show off great-/grand kid /// pick up our 'new' Ford Explorer trip. Once we get back to SC, we'll be renting a moving truck & transferring a big load of.... um.... stuff to our new house.

Speaking of the new house, looks like we'll be closing on the 28th or so of March. Since we were all pre-approved for the loan, financing is no big deal & the whole progressing-toward-closing process is moving along rather rapidly. Not necessarily with the speed and precision of the German trains, but perhaps more reliably on-time than the Italian ones! The building inspector is hired, as is the termite inspector...

I'm sure we're forgetting something massive but since we're forgetting it, I dunno what it is!!! This week I decided to throw a head cold into the mix, so my throat has not been loving the extended hours on the phone. I'm sure, however, that BD#1 & Hubby have been enjoying the peace & quiet when I've been off the phone!! :-D

So.... since I've had a massive two weeks of non-stop talking, we decided to take a day off. This morning we slept in (til all of 7:45 when a certain young man's babbling at the top of his lungs woke me up), then had a leisurely breakfast. Hubby cooked. Score!!!

Now we're hanging out in the wonderfully quiet Chez Ramey, killing time while the babe naps before heading up to the Circle M BBQ (345 Martin Sausage Road, Liberty SC 29657 - (864) 375-9133) joint to get some wicked good BBQ for supper on our way back to Greenville. Yum!!! They're open til 9pm tonight... anyone wanna come join us???

I'm sure I won't be on-line much for the next month or so... got a lot of boxes of... stuff to pack. Heh.

A LOT of boxes!!

Anyway, thought some of you might enjoy seeing what the little one was up to at Chez Ramey before he went down for his afternoon nap. (Sorry about the once-neat piles of CDs LJ!!)

Welp, the last load of laundry has dinged in the dryer, so I'd best be off before everything wrinkles. Chow!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

They accepted!!

Well, we got the call this afternoon, our offer was accepted... now we have a bit more than a month to come up with financing, insurance, etc. and be all ready to sign on the house. With the way that the Lord has worked everything else out this week (it's not every week you're given an Explorer AND a house!!), I'm sure the next steps will work out as well. The Lord is Good!

Friday, March 10, 2006

We did it!!

We survived this week... with a gracious plenty help from the Lord!

From our truck being flipped by an idiot hit-n-run (unlicensed & uninsured) driver to making an offer on a cute little house nicely located near work & church, to finding out we're expecting Baby Dragon #2, it's been an interesting week.


Saturday, March 4, 2006



The gang at NCS did a bang-up job of their final performance of MND (Mid-summer Night's Dream). Kudos to the actors & directors & all the behind the scenes peoples for a GREAT job done!

"Well roared, lion." Heh.