Thursday, March 30, 2006

Packing?? Packing? What's that??

Up until today, I had packed only one box in the month of March...... but hey, I have lots of excuses for that!! :-D The truck fiasco... trying to get all the little details worked out for closing on the house... having BD#1 turn 1 last Friday... massive exhaustion--just dragon #2 is coming!!! :-)

Anyway, you'll all be glad to know that I got 3 boxes packed during the kid's morning nap. No more mugs or tea pots available, so don't plan on having anything hot to drink if you happen to wander this way before we move!! ;-)

Speaking of moving, at this point we're planning to officially move in at the end of April. At least, when we paid rent for April we told the landlady at we'd be gone at the end of the month!! (Anyone want to rent a trailer in the woods?) The biggest hurdle blocking this end-of-April move is the fact that we're going to be taking a 13-day trip to points north during April O.O for the purpose of picking up the "new to us" Ford Explorer from Hubby's Dad. -] So.... our plan is to pack madly in the 2 weeks between now & leaving for the Nawth, then rent a moving truck on that last weekend of April (just a day or two after TF's house closing!)

Hubby is amusing himself by grabbing random things he doesn't think we'll need between now and then & filling the little Accord we're borrowing for nightly trips to the new house. All the folding chairs went over last night, so if you come by before official move day, at least you'll have some place to sit!! Once we get all moved in, I'll post an invite for an afternoon tea... or maybe it should be an evening coffee.... we'll see!! ;-)

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