Friday, April 7, 2006

To pack.... or just to throw it all out??

Heh. Can you tell I'm tired of packing??

Have been on-line for like 2 hours straight IM-ing & catching up on Xanga.... still haven't eaten supper.

Kid is sleeping as of 7pm. Guess those shots at the Dr's today wore him out (or maybe it was only having one 1/2 hour nap all day long?!).

Hubby is out at a preliminary "we're thinking of re-working the church constitution" meeting. Dum-de-dum-dum..... (sounds of doom & destruction are sure to follow).

Late breaking news (isn't IM great?!)... just found out my old college roomie's dad's brain tumor (stagnant/stable in size since they first found it while installing a pace-maker in '03) has doubled in size since his last CT scan in October '05. Please pray. My old roomie still lives at home (part of the curse of working for a small Christian school... starvation wages)... so she's very involved in the health-care stuff for her Dad. Fortunately her mom is also there & competent.... but it's a very unexpected trial right now.

Welp, I'm starving. Off to eat. :-D

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