Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Update on my friend Heather's dad.... apparently he had surgery this morning (well, Tuesday morning)...

Dad's surgery was roughly 4 and 1/2 hours. He will spend the evening in the recovery room and probably be moved to ICU tomorrow.
The doctors did talk to us and they told us that they feel they got 95% of the tumor - however it is malignant. They have planted Chemo. wafers in the brain, and as he recovers they will then decide what to do next.
We did get to see him for a short time while he was in recovery, he doesn't seem good, as an added problem in addition to all his heart problems he also has sleep apnea and will stop breathing every so often - which is showing up on the many machines. It is to the point I don't know how to pray anymore - I just don't want Dad to suffer.

Please keep heather & her folks (George & Phyllis) in your prayers. They know & love the Lord, so they have comfort in Him.... but still... we're human....

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