Thursday, January 26, 2006

252 pages....

I'm in the process of downloading a 252 page .pdf file..... at 24000 bps this might take a while!! O.O

Kid hit 10 months this week... the horses were just outside my window, eating the shrubbery... house hunting is at a stand-still while I get caught up from the ladies retreat this past weekend.

And speaking of the ladies retreat....

Would someone care to explain how it is that 18 grown Christian women can act like Jr Hi-ers (or younger) for 36 hours straight??

Suffice it to say I've just been reminded why it was that I hung out with the guys when I was growing up (women are way too catty). I've also been handed a topic for the Mother-Daughter Banquet on a silver platter. Heh heh. These ladies are used to a sugar and syrup devotional at these functions. After this past weekend, I feel like playing Wack-a-Mole.

OK, maybe Wack-a-Mole sounds a bit harsh..... but the Mother-Daughter Banquet isn't until May, so I've got a while to soften my approach.

Don't get me wrong, the retreat was great, I just feel the need to find a nice way to stomp on some toes.... Since gossip is such a feminine weakness & since Pastor just asked me to be the "special speaker" for said M-D banquet, I think I have a ready-made topic! 36 hours in the making, to be precise! :-D

Of course when I'm done Pastor may regret having asked me... muwaaahahahaha

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