Sunday, September 18, 2005

New York.... New York....

Actually we're nowhere near the city. We're much nearer Lake Ontario & the Canadian border. Had rain today, so the chillin's spent most of the day tearing around inside. Well, actually it cleared up a bit this afternoon, so they were outside for a while. Grammy & Grampa V came out from CT for to see us all today. That was cool. Haven't seen them since the little dragon was just 2 months old, so he's changed quite a bit!

Speaking of the babe.... he's making waves as usual... He fell asleep in less than 5 minutes (and QUIETLY) for each of the 4 naps he took today. (Yeah! Proud momma!) Only one major whack on the head.... I was holding him so one of his younger cousins could see him/entertain him by jumping up & yelling "Hi K!" Naturally I leaned over with the baby *just* as his cousin was jumping up... so they both got quite a whack on the head. I heard skulls meeting..... sigh. Kid is fine, he was really more startled than hurt. Got a hard head, that one! (like his mom & dad!)

Well, church is tomorrow... need sleep before then! Hard to be in the right frame of mind for worship when I'm short on sleep!!!

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