Saturday, September 17, 2005

Early New York Posting....

Ha!! We're staying with Posts, so it's kinda funny somehow. Maybe it's just the cumulative effects of 6 nights in strange beds, but I'm tired!!!

Wednesday, Sept 14th... Slept in. Had blueberry pancakes with *real* maple syrup on them. Hung out with our hostess who works PT for the Gideons in Canada. Went to the wedding rehearsal at 5. Well, it was supposed to start at 5pm. We got there at 5:30 and the matron of honor and flower girl as well as the bride's parents were all missing. Once everyone showed up, it all went well.....
Rehearsal dinner afterwards was a HUGE pizza party at the brides parents' house. Cool. Hung out yakking & catching up til midnight. Found out it's illegal to park on the grass in Guelph. They'll actually ticket you if they're in the mood. No, we didn't get a ticket even though we had parked on the grass. Apparently they saw the out-of-country plates on our pick-up truck, assumed we were red-necks with shotguns, and left us alone.

Thursday, Sept 15th. Wedding day (no, not mine). Slept in again. Had omelets & toast for breakfast. Was introduced to "Map-O-Spread," a processed sugar spread that tastes like maple syrup. Sweet, strange, if you ate too much you'd understand how Edmund felt after a box of Turkish Delight. Hung out at the hosts house. Tried to find the cousins who were driving up from Chicago.... Hotel they were supposed to be at had no record of them.
We got to the wedding (at 4pm) with 10 minutes to spare. Just long enough to toss the kid into the jail-like crib in the nursery then get to our reserved seats. Being cousin of the bride does have its perks.

Reception was an old-fashioned sit-down dinner that started 2 1/2 hours after the wedding started. Good food. Had chocolate cheesecake for dessert. Didn't hold a candle to LJ's though!! After the reception, we went back to the hosts place & crashed since by then it was after 10:00pm & baby dragon was TIRED!!!

Friday, Sept 16th. Driving & Kids day... Driving kids day.... Kids driving day... Kids driving me.... well.... you get the picture. Last day with my family in Guelph, ON, Canada. Got up & packed this morning, then headed over to my aunt & uncle's place (bride's parents). They had graciously invited the entire world over for breakfast. Actually, just the cousins who were in town for the wedding. 7 cousins in all, responsible for 9 "little cousins" all under the age of 9. Had brunch with them all, then hit the road for Red Creek, NY again.

Took about 10 minutes to cross the border. Guy asked our citizenship, where we were going, where we'd been; then waved us through. Didn't even ask to see photo ID, much less proof of anything else. Oh well. 3 hours post-border crossing, we arrived to another house-load of kids. This time we had supper with a total of 7 kids (nieces and nephews) under the age of 9. My poor baby dragon, the only one common to both groups, was looking a little shell-shocked by bedtime. I think he'll sleep well tonight!

Speaking of sleeping well...... it's that time. Before too long there will be the patter (or stomping) of 5 little pairs of feet on the floor above us, so I'd better sleep before they wake up... for it's certain there will be no sleeping after they awaken!!!

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