Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Grace, part 2......

"I wanted to read it cuz I am often at a loss when trying to understand people that use the term "grace" just a little too much (IMO)..." If you care to read the context of that comment, see my parenting post.

With all apologies to you dear three who are currently in her direct line of fire, I want to re-phrase my question about grace a bit. I kept the little slip of paper because I vehemently disagree with that definition of grace.... but I can't explain properly (or at all at this time of a.m.) why I disagree.

Yes, her comment reminded me of the little slip of paper about grace.... and yes, I chuckled at her comment because it reminds me of my own reaction when I hear "all truth is God's truth" for the umpteenth time in a month... buuuuuuut anyway!

I think there's a connection, isn't there, between a person's view of God and their view of grace? Between a person's view of grace & their perspective on their fellow believers? (Mote & beam, etc.) I say to myself (after spending a bit of time talking to LR last night about a certain e-mail from her), I wonder if her being "at a loss when trying to understand people that use the term grace" has anything to do with her propensity to argue that anyone with whom she does not agree must "defend their position" and/or "prove from Scripture" that their position is a valid one?? I do agree w/ LJ that there's a worldview difference at play here... man, I hate being a Johnny-come-lately in good discussions.....

Anyway... so.... what say ye? What is grace? Is it over- or under- used/utilized??

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