Sunday, October 2, 2005

Ode to a Fan

First of all, praise God for air conditioning... and fall nights when a/c isn't necessary.

Last night, a dear friend of 21 years passed on....

I first met "him" the summer between 4th & 5th grades. We were living in the upstairs of my great-grandmothers old farmhouse for a while and it got HOT up there in the afternoons. Stifling is what we used to call it. Anyway, off we went to Jamesway one Saturday & came home with the cutest little fan. It only stood about 9 inches tall and didn't oscillate or anything fancy like that... but that little fan got me through Jr High and Sr High (when Dad refused to run a/c at all b/c it would "run up the electric bill too much").

Then it went with me to college (to drown out the sounds of snoring roommates). After college it got a several year-long break, but was called back up for duty when I got an office job with a dear bunch of chilly women. Really!! I've never met such a large number of always-cold women collected in one place before! The thermostat was ALWAYS set above my comfort range (yes, maybe I'm just cold-blooded).

Anyhow, I was pleasantly surprised that the fan still worked after 5 years in storage, but it did serve me well during my almost 5 years in that office... and then the little fan that could got to 'retire' from office life... and helped keep the kid cool for the first 6 months of his life. Actually the fan kept his little mobile bears mobile... which delighted him to no end.

Guess we'll be going out to buy another little fan soon.... Anyone know if the brand Tatung is still around?? I hadn't heard of it before or since.... =)

Good-bye little fan......

Went & found Tatung on-line. Chinese-owned company, based in Taiwan... still make fans & all kinds of other things... too funny.

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