Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Us

Hard to believe that it's been 8 years..... but it's been a good 8 years.

Funny: in the midst of a "who shall we ask to baby-sit for our anniversary dinner?" conversation last night, the phone rang. 'Twas a friend, needing some kids watched today, wondering if I could sit for her today & maybe she could watch our little one for us "sometime." I said.. "Um... tomorrow's our anniversary... how about you pay me back for tomorrow morning tomorrow evening?!" Hee hee... well.... that's what we're doing.........

So here I am, enjoying wireless Internet access in the same room with two very "busy" toddlers....... earning free baby sitting for our anniversary evening. Good deal, I think!!

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LJ said...

Originally posted 10/18/05 at 3:42 PM

awesome. =)

happy anniversary to 2 super people!

ah yes, i remember the day:
the chilly fall beauty, the pot-bellied stove in the fireplace room, the hammered dulcimer guy, the fog that obscured the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway that I'd heard so much about, the precipice known as a driveway ..... =)

so glad the Lord has blessed you with 8 great years.

may He give you many, many more--heaped up and overflowing with His blessings.

love muchly