Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas '05

Dear family & friends,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We thank our Lord and Savior for this special season to remember His birth. It is a testament to who He is that much of the world still celebrates Christmas even after more than two millennia have passed. Yet this is only one aspect of His influence. Nearly the entire globe marks the passage of years with a calendar based on His incarnation. Also, the multitude of Christian religions ultimately trace their roots back to the Savior. Lastly, his teachings forever changed the world’s cultures and gave rise to some of the greatest civilizations on Earth. However, let us not among these many effects loose sight of the reason He left His heavenly throne: He was born to die, be buried, and victoriously rise again for each of us. Truly, this is His greatest legacy.

In addition to our Savior’s gift of eternal life, as a family we have much for which to thank Him. We began this year with Melinda approximately two-thirds along in her first pregnancy and us looking for the Lord’s leading regarding my then recent employment interview in Connecticut.. In a whirlwind of activity, we completed twelve weeks of birthing classes, read and discussed a variety of books about childbirth, and received countless and greatly appreciated gifts of every sort for our son. On March 24th the Lord blessed us with Kenneth Paul, who of course single-handedly forever changed our lives; and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Since that day it seems like there were almost as many firsts for us as there were for Kenneth, but we enjoyed them together. On April Fools Day Kenneth had his first tub bath: oddly enough he did not find it the least bit amusing. But by April 14th he had forgiven us enough to give his first real smile. September was a regular potpourri of firsts for all of us. For one, it was our first road trip and our first time out of the country together while attending a wedding in Canada. For another, Kenneth gave his first real belly laugh while visiting certain cousins in New York. Apparently Kenneth was studying during that road trip because during our first week home the last week of September he sat up by himself, ate solid food, and rolled over, each for the first time. Whew!

As we look forward to our first Christmas together as a family of three, we would like to thank each of you who helped us through this year. Some visited, some gave gifts, and we are sure that many prayed. Please know that from Kenneth’s safe arrival to a final negative answer from Connecticut, many your prayers have been answered during the course of this year. As we remember our Savior’s birth, it is our prayer that you will know Him as your Savior; and in so doing enjoy the joy and peace of His love.

Merry Christmas,

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