Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Light at the end of the road... so to speak.... =)

No, our lights aren't on yet, but when Hubby ran by the house tonight there were power crews on the street next to ours. Perhaps their estimate of power restoration by 11 pm tonight will prove accurate after all. -] That'd make all of us happy.

Poor Baby Dragon seems to have given up on ever returning home. He took a 2 3/4 hour long nap this afternoon, that after sleeping 11 hours last night. I think our partying last evening wore him out!! :-D

One more night at Chez Ramey, then we get to lug all our stuff back home & pack up for the Christmas trip to Florida....for which we leave on Friday morning. We'll be home for a grand total of 36 hours inside 2 weeks time... Hopefully the fishies will survive another week without us!!

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LJ said...

Originally posted 12/21/05 1:04 AM

hey, we made up for all those weekends in Nov & Dec when either the Vans or the Rameys were busy & we missed our usual Fri night adventures!!! =)

OK, so that doesn't really make up for sleeping on an air mattress for six nights. or for being "displaced & homeless" for nearly a week... Lord willing, you guys will have a house soon -- hopefully one not surrounded by trees that wreck power lines. =)

Coart commented today, "It's a sign of how well we all like each other that we've survived 6 days in close quarters without any actual arguments."

well, I guess we'll have to overlook all those blocks you threw at my head tonight (I think you scared the kid [the older one]) :p