Friday, December 16, 2005

Camping Out

Running away to Anderson to escape the falling temperatures in our trailer. Taking sweet haven at Lori & Coart's for as long as our power is off. (Hopefully not too long, or else my little fishies will freeze).

Had fun 4-wheeling in the pasture today, trying to get off the property with lots of limbs down & way too many trees hanging low over the driveway. Praise the Lord we only had two limbs come down on the back of the pick-up truck. Several twigs drove themselves through the (formerly water-proof) tarp on the back.... and one of the back tail lights was smashed out... but the truck still runs fine & was not too dented, we have a warm place to stay tonight, there was no damage to the trailer, & the damage to our truck is pretty easily repairable.

In 8 winters of parking under two dying trees, this is the first damage to property that we've had. The Lord is good. :-] And yes, we know it's silly to park under dying trees during ice storms, but that's where the driveway is. Deal with it!!

For now we're basking at Chez Ramey, playing Halo & catching up on Xanga... big people sleep-over indeed!! Only person sleeping here so far is the baby!! Poor thing only got a combined total of 45 minutes sleep since waking in the COLD trailer this morning...

Our power went off at 6:15am. We packed up & headed to my aunts in Greer for lunch... Wouldn't you know that about a half-hour after our arrival they lost power too?? We did warn the Ramekins that we might be the harlosers (as opposed to harbingers) of their power too, but they were nonplussed & told us to come anyway....

I'm secretly suspicious that they were just interested in the shortbread, pies & cookies that we promised to bring with us. =) Anyway... back to the adult sleep-over... =-)

Update on that Adult Sleep-over thing.....
At 4am, the last of the adults finally decided to turn in for the night... *ahem* morning. Sweet sleep.

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LJ said...

Originally posted Dec 16th, '05, 11:20 AM

hehe. it's been an interesting kick-off to Xmas vacation, eh? ;)

we would have taken you in without the cookies and pie, but food offerings always help. :D