Monday, January 5, 2009

Prayer Request

Nope, no baby news yet. But I do have a prayer request for you all along those lines. :-)

We're currently working on scheduling an ultrasound for Thursday (because my favorite fetal-maternal specialist doesn't do appts. on Fridays--The nerve!). There's nothing going on symptomatically that gives me any cause for concern, we just want to make sure things are still in good order with the baby.

Now.... I would be thrilled if the baby should come before that ultrasound. SO, if you feel so led, I would greatly appreciate your prayers that if this home birth be the Lord's will, the baby will come before Thursday. If however, there is something we need to know (that the ultrasound could actually tell us!) regarding this baby; well then, we'd rather the Lord keeps the baby waiting. :-)

Thank you all for your love, prayers, and support!!

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