Friday, January 9, 2009

Going for an induction!!! Yeah Rah!! /end sarcasm

Had the bio-physical profile ultrasound done this morning. Scored a 4 of 8 or 6 of 8 depending... Of course the baby was napping through the entire procedure and so refused to "practice breathing" or give any "large-motor" movements (which were two of the strikes against the score). And (to add insult to injury) naturally my blood sugar was crashing during the ultrasound; that didn't help baby's inclination to be active. *rolls eyes* Estimated fetal weight is around 10 1/2 lbs--I'll believe that when we see it, LOL. *My* biggest concern is the report of low amniotic fluid---especially since I've been drinking like a fish for the last couple of days. Oh well. :-)

So... off to the hospital we go. Dr is going to try breaking my water first, then waiting a couple hours at least to see if we can get labor going without going the pit. route. One of my midwives is coming along for the ride, bless her heart. I'm thinking gravity feed will work on this little one, as I've never been able to sustain any kind of contractions once I lay down.....

We would appreciate your prayers for the Lord's wisdom and direction for us and protection for the baby. Will keep y'all posted.

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