Thursday, January 8, 2009

Update... no baby though!

Realizing I should have put this up yesterday, Sorry! We wound up with the bio-physical profile (ultrasound) being scheduled for Friday morning (tomorrow) after all. Apparently the office is open half-days or something. So "we" have another day to persuade baby to come, ROFL. This child is my child--beyond persuasion. But in the Lord's good timing.... we WILL have this baby. In the mean time, I am tanking up on fluids before that ultrasound tomorrow. :-)

I suppose I should clarify why we're done with flipping out over the baby being "so far" post-dates. The baby isn't really way post dates. :-) I had two due dates. Dec 13th by traditional LMP dating methods, and Dec 30th--adjusted for a number of reasons. Sat down with my midwife and ran through all those reasons again on Tuesday--just to reassure ourselves that we're not nuts to continue waiting on this little one to make an appearance.

1. I run LONG cycles... almost twice "normal" length. Run the figures by my "normal" and you get Dec. 30th. Not that my OB is necessarily convinced, LOL.

2. We did NOT get fetal heart tones at 11 weeks (typically you would have no problem getting them by 10 weeks---if your dates are right, therefore see #1).

3. We did get fetal heart tones at my 15 week appt--with my regular OB--but fundal height was only 7!! Kinda low for "15 weeks," eh?! (Again, see #1.)

Toss in a couple other things like that (when I started feeling the baby regularly, etc.) and we've got pretty unassailable evidence that this little one was just NOT due mid-December.

So there, quit worrying!! The wee one is just more stubborn than we are, and is determined to stay "in" until we've given up on him, LOL. (Generic him, not gender-specific him, BTW). We will get a post up when we do finally have anything to report about the baby dragon's arrival.

Until then (since everything baby-prep home-birthing related has been done for a month now) I may just have to finish the rant I started here. About child-birth classes & fun controversial stuff like that. And maybe a birth story or two. Have to give the older two their time in print too, right?? :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I was very interested in your careful assessment of the due date. That seems quite reasonable.

Hang in! I know the heightened sense of anticipation that comes at the end of pregnancy can be kind of exhausting....

God bless you with peace and patience as you wait.

TulipGirl said...

Praying. . . thinking. . .

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some good reasons to me. Probably tough with a doctor looking at your dates and wondering - especially since you've gone overdue twice before. Hope the ultrasound goes well tomorrow.