Monday, September 25, 2006

Southerners, pt. 2

Y'all may remember a post I made last month about Southerners. I did say they were nice folks, right? Well, here's another proof of that....

Male half of said neighbors just came over and asked "if my husband would be upset" if he mowed our lawn for us. Would he be upset?? Heck no!! He'll probably dance a jig when he gets home & sees the lawn freshly cut (in a half-hour of the neighbors time on his riding mower instead of the usual 3 hours it takes hubby with the push mower)!!

As neighbor-man put it, "I'm in a good mood today." I'm pretty sure this will leave husband-man in a good mood too! No grass to mow this coming weekend. More time for playing Rome Total War....... eh, never mind.

Here's to good neighbors!!

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TulipGirl said...

Off topic. . . so weird. . . When I go to your blog, the last post I see is on the 11th. But through the reader I see the new posts.