Wednesday, September 6, 2006


Nope, neither my age range nor my hip size I'll leave y'all to guess which side of 37-42 those fall on.

No, really.... 37-42... the magical 5 week window during which Little-Miss-Kicks-like-a-Mule needs to make her appearance in order for the midwives to legally assist with her birth. I'm all about being legal.... and I'm getting to be all about getting "LMKlaM" OUT..... so y'all pray for us (mule & me). She must needs stay put for at least another 3 weeks, then she needs to get the heck OUT of my ribcage. Sheesh... you'd think I was short or something!

For the uninitiated, mom's lack-of-height means the baby spends a lot of time cramped up under your diaphragm--making it dang hard to breathe in any position but concert-pianist-straight-backed or laying down. Me? I'm not short...*whines*... and I really prefer slouching.... Oh well... only another 7 weeks & I can slouch to my heart's content, with babe in arms instead of ribs.

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