Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Name that baby....

OK, here's your challenge. Down there is an admittedly awful picture of the girl (Well, OK, the pic is of me... not the best from the shower tonight, but it'll hafta do).

Now that you've "seen" her, you have to help name her. Her middle name is Melinda... her last name is something like VanSteinwalkenheimerwagonerer... or maybe even longer. So....... given her middle and last names (unfortunately non-negotiable), what should her first name be??

I know that a few of you have been tossing around ideas. I promise I won't be offended (but I might let out a guffaw or two)... I want to hear your suggestions. ALL your suggestions. Really, I do. And if anyone picks the name we've been leaning toward, I might even fess up.


Scottish Mosher said...

Posted 9/27/2006 7:30 AM



or... uhm...


rivendellacademy said...

Posted 9/27/2006 8:15 AM

You and wee lass look lovely. Here's my contribution to the name-game:


and in case those don't strike your fancy, try these:


LaughterSings said...

Posted 9/27/2006 8:49 AM

how 'bout Emily

samthehero said...

Posted 9/27/2006 11:21 AM

I think you should name her Amy. That way you can combine her first and middle names and call her Amylinda...that's what I would do.

TrueFaced said...

Posted 9/27/2006 1:31 PM


I was gonna say Belinda too.
Or Rachel is lovely.

I have always loved the name Sam - had a doll named Sam, if I recall - so we named our female dog Sam.

But .. uh... I know that sounded odd... nevermind....

I'm blank for anymore.

rivendellacademy said...

Posted 9/27/2006 2:02 PM

Venus. Aphrodite. Athena. Medea.
Natasha. Alexandra. Cinder-Ella.
Prudence. Patience. Constance.
Hester. Lola. Lolita.
Angelina. Jennifer. Paris.
Isolde. Guinevere. Catherine. Anne.
Alice. Finis.

nastynate78 said...

Posted 9/27/2006 3:49 PM

Bart. Homer. Marge. Maggie. Lisa. Peter. Stewie. Brian. Lois. Chris. Meg.

... I like Bart.

The Savage said...

Posted 9/27/2006 5:21 PM

Keep 'em coming... :-D

So far I've seen my middle name, the second girl's middle name, and the first name of our 3rd girl.

Bart.... maybe that's what we'll call the stuffed cow.

LoroJoro said...

Posted 9/27/2006 9:26 PM

... i honestly have no idea. I suck at naming things. Ask Coart... he'll give ya something witty & sarcastic.

I do like the name Cherith, though.

douglasdotyii said...

Posted 9/30/2006 8:17 AM

Those Dutch last names are always so terribly long. Pick a short first name to give her a shot at spelling one of her names before she is 10. Also, schoolmates always shorten names by middle school anyway. Maybe just go with Bob.

rivendellacademy said...

Posted 10/1/2006 2:56 PM

I thought of a few more:
Leslie Melinda
Johanna Melinda
Margaret Melinda (Marnie for short, or Maggie)
Christine Melinda
Lily Melinda
Josephine Melinda (Josey for short)
Maribeth Melinda