Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Ramblings, rantings........ meh.... Just life!

Have sent more rambling e-mails today (well, actually yesterday) than I care to count. My sincerest apologies if you were on the receiving end of any missive from yours truly. I tend to babble on and on and on and on when I'm thinking, and I've been thinking. (Didn't ya smell the smoke?) I also tend to babble when I'm high.... and I've been sanding, staining, sanding, and varnishing bookcases all weekend & today (well, Monday)...so I've got dust in the nose & fumes in the bloodstream... AND I had a big mug of highly caffeinated coffee after supper tonight..... not a good combination when my e-mail "IN" box is full. So, yea, my apologies to those who've heard from me recently.... I'm sure you heard more than you wanted to! :-P

Speaking of sanding and varnishing, I would rant about having to scrape newspaper out of drying varnish with a putty knife, but this sentence pretty much says everything printable on that topic!! Naturally it was the tops of the shelves that dried with newspaper adhered....... These stupid bookcases WILL be finished in time enough for the varnish to properly cure (and quit stinking) so I can drag them back into the living room & load them with the 24 boxes of books currently piled in the living room before I host this month's ladies Bible study at our house a week from tonight! *runs away screaming* And while I'm ranting about having 20+ women & teen girls invade my living space, may I mention that I have to provide food too?? Granted that I volunteered to host this month, and granted that I don't have to give the lesson (took my turn at that in February to get it over with for the year....they only thought I was kidding!)..... and granted that it's not a full meal, just finger food... but still!!! Current menu is blackberry cheesecake & "death by chocolate"-- (hey LJ, can I borrow your trifle bowl for that??) for the sweets, and chips -n- dip & a ham/broccoli/cheese braid for the non-sweets. Oh, and prolly a good thing if i had drinks too, eh?? I'll sure need one when this is all over!! Actually I like entertaining... it's just like I told LJ earlier this morning... why is it that I'm happiest when I have something to bitch & moan about??

Anyway, guess I've put off answering that last e-mail for long enough. As it actually requires some thought, I saved it for last...............


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