Saturday, February 25, 2006


So we wonder...... Have we found "the" house???

We've definitely found houses.... (count is still at 46 b/c we're taking this weekend "off.") We've found nice houses in crappy neighborhoods, we've found nice houses in OK neighborhoods but with yards smaller than 1/10th of an acre (and that one was next door to a water-treatment plant), we've found nasty houses in nice neighborhoods, and yes, even several nasty houses in nasty neighborhoods... and don't forget the one that smelled of recently-smoked pot--which was in Anderson, I hasten to add.

You'd think we were being picky. Yanno, no broken windows, not the ONLY framed house on the street (what's with Southerners' love-affair w/ trailers anyway?!?), at least 1/2 acre for yard space, not too many miles from hubby's office... That's really all we're asking!! That's not so much is it?? *whines* Come on.. three freaking criteria: livable house, decent neighborhood, nice yard. But we've been finding out by sheer force of looking that these three are not *quite* all available at the same time in our price range.... and by our price range I mean we're NOT sending me back to work or hubby to get a 2nd job over a house--not over ANY house.

But..... whining aside, after two months of recreational (and not-so-recreational) house-hunting on-line & by truck we've found a house. We're not jumping up & down saying it's the most wonderful house imaginable, but we've learned a few things over the past few months of house hunting. We're going to have to go with 2 & 1/2 of 3. It's got a great yard (just over an acre of land), it's in a relatively quiet established neighborhood... and the house meets all of our "minimum requirements"... like 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, non-leaking roof. It's currently being remodeled, and so far they're doing a great job of things. Nice neutral colors, good workmanship, modernizing/updating, etc. It's a little smaller than we would have liked (especially after living a trailer for the last 8 years), but it's definitely bigger than where we are now.

So.... we're dragging a friend over to see it tomorrow.. one of that wonderful kind of friend who's remodeled every house he's ever purchased & had already volunteered to help us give any possibilities a once-over.... Not that we wouldn't hire a building inspector eventually, but he's got a good eye for things that we probably wouldn't notice right off that could make it a no deal after all (before we spend any $$ on an inspector). Anyway... said friend is getting le grand tour of la casa tomorrow with us & the realtor again.. we'll see what he thinks & go on from there.

Put it this way, it's the first house that we've seen that we've both said... "Yea, this'll work!" And after 46 houses, that's a nice thing to hear!!

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