Thursday, May 20, 2010

From "c" to "p" to "little fishies"

So Monday allowed time for one set of strips after all. Well, Monday evening/Tuesday morning. :-) Being a night owl comes in handy when you don't want "help" from little people.

The "c" set

The "p" set

Yeah, there was another strip of white added in between "c" and "p," but the blue is what's making noticeable patterns at the moment...

Maybe I should just give them a chain. It's kinda cool looking on it's own, right?

The "little fishies" set
(yes, I know it's little fishes... but I *say* fishies--sticks out tongue at spell-checker)

For some reason, the blocks as they stand remind me of little fishies. Too bad fishies don't conjure up wedding bells.... (or I'd have given this chain instead, LOL)

And there you have it. Strips 1-9 all sewn, ready for #10.

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