Monday, May 17, 2010

3 strips down, 18 to go

So this afternoon I started the assembly line, Southern-style. Yes, Duck tape again. Having a solid edge to run my strips against while sewing those "scant" 1/4" seams seemed like a really good idea. At least if they were wrong, they'd be uniformly wrong, LOL. So the 6 1/2" right angle triangle ruler that I bought with no particular purpose in mind came to the rescue once again. The thickness of the ruler makes a great sewing guide.

Here I am all set up to do the first run-through of the last 78 blocks.

Well now, that was fun. Maybe I'll just give them a blue and white chain. Surely they'd be touched!

Actually, the first set went so well, I decided to do a second run tonight. Here they are, all ironed & ready to cut apart.

All set for round four. Might have to wait for Tuesday though. Tomorrow will be busy with the rest of "real life."


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Lisa said...

Isn't that fun? Love assembly line piecing.

I thought quilting was real life? Hmmm.....that may explain the state of my house.

Looking good sis!

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