Wednesday, December 23, 2009

She "gets" it . . . Grace!

Have been reading lately on the SGMSurvivors site. SGM being SoverignGraceMinistries, headed up by CJ Mahaney. As a group they publish a lot of music that's popular with the "new" or "former" Fundamentalist guys I went to grad school with. And of course there's the church plants. Supposedly they're a grace-drenched group of churches (but NOT a denomination, ROFL); but when so many of the survivors stories on this site, and on others like it, sound just like the stories told by our friends fleeing Fundamentalism . . . I have to wonder. But anyway, Kris-one of the SGMS moderators-wrote a great post a few weeks back, trying to explain the divergence between what's *said* and what's *practiced*--or at least what seems to be the take-away message from SGM teachings. This comment is incredible. The post is here. Check out comment #283. About getting preached at to "not try so hard" yet the focus is all about trying harder.  She gets it!! :-) This is how grace is presented at our church too. :-S All about submitting to God, humbling yourself so you can get more grace from God. It's insidious!! 
Merry Christmas everybody!!!!!

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