Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I should have asked Mike

Do be in prayer for the family and friends of Mike "Metochoi" Mahurin. He's Home for Christmas. A brilliant mind for logic, a deep love for people, a soundly Biblical hermeneutic, and unswerving in his pursuit of Truth. He will be missed.

I always meant to ask him his views on the connection between grace, sanctification, and parenting philosophies. I'm assuming there is a connection of course, I just wonder what he would have said. He'd been in the pastorate (and a parent) long enough to have thought it through. And he loved logic. And he dismantled Gothard's eisegesis & God's will-as-bull's-eye theology every chance he got. I wish I had gotten the chance to know him better. *sigh*

I should have asked...

ETA: Mike's obituary


TulipGirl said...

I met Metachoi and his wit and wisdom over a decade ago, when I was still certain that Ezzo parenting was God's way and was what all good Christian parents did. How I appreciated his humor and humanness and kindness. I had an opportunity to go through his logic classes and didn't, and regret it. But his short introduction to hermeneutics was really pivotal to helping me understand how I had been misled, and God used that as one of the things that opened up an understanding of God's grace. . .

simplegifts3 said...

I KNOW there are going to be times when I'm going to want very much to e-mail him, asking him what he things about such and such, and won't be able to. And so far, every comment I've made about this has gotten the tears flowing again.

But he left a legacy in his writing, much of it on the internet and in private correspondence. I think he is more worthy of being published than many out there who are published. And it is in those writings where we can still get glimpses into his thinking.

TG, the logic lessons on the logic board contain lessons, then exercises, then answers to the exercises. Because he taught so incrementally, followed by exercises, then answers, it is fairly easy to teach yourself from that board. Before we closed the board, I asked Mike to delete all but what he thought were the basics, and he did.

The board is still there. If you want to join, let me know. I think they would be excellent for homeschooling older children, by the way.