Sunday, October 11, 2009

Well this sucks! (On Sovereignty)

I'm trying to balance giving information (he didn't get the job) with affecting people's response to that info.  It's all too easy to say "yeah, of course he didn't get the job, they never hire outsiders if someone is looking to transfer inside the company," which is generally true; but that's not the whole story.  If DH *had* gotten the job, we would all quickly say "Yep, God worked!"  But did He work any less in this situation?? He superintended in affairs & DH didn't get the job.  God was no less at work in his not being selected than He would have been if DH had been selected.
So (in trying to frame a notification to interested parties e-mail) I'm trying to convey that (God's sovereign & that we're OK with it). Because a number of people responded "so he'll probably not get it because there are people inside going for it too" right off the bat after that e-mail went out. And I was thinking... but... *splutters* ....but that's not the point.  The point is God can do what He pleases... I mean, God knows what's best for us and for His glory... if he's to get the job he'll get it no matter who else is going for the job.  As we found out late Friday afternoon though, DH's employment in this position is not part of that.

And if you think I've been rambling so far... keep reading. ;-)  The "assistant to the Pastor" has been doing a series on doctrine Sunday nights.  A couple of weeks ago, his big theme was the sovereignty of God. And how sometimes it's hard for us to reconcile the "bad things happen" with an "all-powerful  (therefore could have done something about it) God." DH says to me afterwards, "you know, I think he missed a good opportunity."  I'm like whaaa??? What did I miss? LOL.  He's like, "what a comfort it is that even when "evil" happens, God is GOOD. Which is a heck of a lot better alternative than "crap keeps happening AND God (who might otherwise act benevolently on my behalf) is a corrupt evil bully too."  Now that would be depressing! *chuckles* But God IS good, and there is tremendous comfort in that. Even when we don't get the answers we think we want. :-)
And that ramble is the background for my question above--why are we so quick to say "yeah!! God did it!" when we like the outcome, but so slow to say "Yeah!! God did it!" when we don't like the outcome??  The God in question is the same God--a good, truly all-powerful God--our kind, loving, heavenly Father who *does* have our good (for His glory) at heart... So why do we so quickly dismiss the direct answer to specific prayer that we don't like as though God missed something, or messed up, or wasn't powerful enough to work the answer we wanted??  God *could* have gotten DH that particular job but He didn't. Therefore... we're OK with it. *smiles*
God IS Good.

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