Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"No" news *is* good news

Related to the previous post on sovereignty, this is the announcement I wound up sending out:

God is Good.
Late Friday afternoon, we got word that DH had not been selected for the ISO position with ___. For anyone tempted to say "Of course he didn't get it, there were people already inside the dept. going for it. They always hire the internal applicants!" I have a question. Why are we so quick to say "yeah!! God did it!" when we like the outcome, but so slow to say "Yeah!! God did it!" when we don't like the outcome??  The God in question is the same God--a good, truly all-powerful God--our kind, loving, heavenly Father who *does* have our good (for His glory) at heart.... So why do we so quickly dismiss the direct answer to specific prayer that we don't like as though God missed something, or messed up, or wasn't powerful enough to work the answer we wanted??  God *could* have given DH the job with ___ but He didn't. Therefore... we're OK with it. *smiles*
In other news... DH has an initial interview on Wednesday (the 15th) for a different position with ___. We would appreciate your continued prayers for the Lord's will to be worked in our lives. Thank you all!!

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