Saturday, October 3, 2009

On Cleaning Up Messes

Fall must be my favorite time of year to clean. Between the crisp cool(er) air blowing in windows (causing curtains to dust for me), the crunch of leaves on the ground (reminding me of the distinctive "crunch" of my kitchen floor), the smell of fireplaces and wood stoves starting up again... if I ever really "get" the cleaning bug, it's in the fall. But sometimes (like today), I stop and sit and read other's thoughts and find an uncanny resemblance to my own thoughts mirrored by almost all of my favorite writers. So here are a few links on "cleaning" of various types for your consideration and meditation.

Molly's: Pacify Me: Dealing with Big Emotions Vs. Stuffing/Burying/Masking

Amy's: Having it All Together

and Lisa's: Not Exactly Home and Gardens

All well worth the down-time from fall cleaning to read. Enjoy!!

1 comment:

Lori said...

Great post! I enjoyed all 3 of those posts.

Molly's left me thinking that she's a very insightful woman. I'm also trying to figure out how Proverbs' "Give wine to him who is of a heavy heart" command bears on using substances (or activities) to "numb" the pain of strong emotions. So not disagreeing with her at all, just wondering how to "add that in."

Not having kids means I have no excuse for why my house is a wreck 24/7. ;-) I *did* get the kitchen table KIND OF cleaned off this weekend. That's a start.... LOL