Friday, June 29, 2007

Patience anyone??

Please, please, please tell me you haven't been praying for patience for us.... and if you have been, STOP IT AT ONCE!!! :-D

The saga continues.....

After my round with the bread knife and ensuing stitches and tetanus shot Monday evening, I was hoping for a quiet week on the home-front. BWHAHAHAHAHA. *ahem*

Wednesday night was a business meeting at church. Hubby had to work late, so we didn't get there until just as the meeting was getting under way at 7:30pm. (Good baptistic people that they are, they did have a time of prayer first.) Not 5 minutes in to the meeting Baby Dragon #1 decided he had heard enough and tried to scoot forward to get down off the pew. (Please note, he's been doing this for months on his own, successfully.) This night, however, his butt apparently stuck; and he pitched forward with his head, earning for himself a quite deep puncture wound *just* the shape of the corner of the hymnbook rack smack in the middle of his forehead.... Of course it started spurting blood.... poor little guy, sitting there with blood running down his face & dripping off the end of his nose! I went for something to press against it to staunch the bleeding, hubby scooped him up and followed; we just left Baby Dragon #2 there in her car-seat to fend for herself. ;-) Thankfully, once we got pressure on his head, the bleeding stopped. He had a bit of a bloody nose too, but that didn't even drip. He also has quite the bruise on his cheekbone from the hymnbook itself. Truthfully, he looks like we've been beating on him, but we have witnesses--we haven't! Afterwards people told us when we'd left they'd all swiveled and stared down April, (our resident MD who is like 8 3/4 months pregnant) til she got up and followed us out. :-D She got a bag of ice for his head and after examining him declared, "Well, he's sure got a hole in his head!" :-) So we put a band-aide on it & back into the meeting we went. Thankfully it was a short one and free of rancor, so we were done by 8:15. (I'm nursery super again. Oh the joys!! ;-) )

Thursday, Little Miss wakes us up early, sporting a fever of 102.3. She's cutting teeth (maybe all 4 of her top center ones at once?)... but I thought teeth-cutting was only supposed to induce low-grade fevers. I don't call 102 low-grade anything, but she seems happy enough with a bit of Infant's Tylenol, and has no other symptoms, so we're going to wait it out over the weekend before calling the Dr.

For now, Samsbane is sporting a (healing nicely) hole in his forehead, Little Miss is alternating between burning up & cold, my tetanus shot is finally not hurting & my finger feels great.............. so we're hunkering down for the weekend... hoping hubby escapes our injury parade. Of course, he was just asked to help someone move tomorrow.... :-\ anyone have a back brace I can send with him?

**UPDATE on BD #2**

Well, her temp was 102.6 this (Friday) am, but after Tylenol it came down and stayed down all day. She seems like her 'old' self again! Praise be!!

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