Monday, June 25, 2007

2 hours and 3 stitches later...

... we're back home. :-) My finger is still numb. We'll see how it is tomorrow!! :-\

Not to worry, it was just a flesh wound.... :-D

...the pickle wraps got done, Pastor (bless his heart) came and picked up said pickle wraps & the shower present while Hubby came to get me. While hubby was driving home he called our resident saint-in-waiting (next door neighbor lady) to come over w/ her two grand-kids and sit with the Baby Dragons #1 & #2 while he and I went out for supper (to kill time while we waited for the Dr to run home & get his supper) before coming back to his office to meet us & stitch my finger back together. It only took three stitches.... and 4 shots & a squirt of something in the --caine family before sewing commenced. I'd post a pic, but it just looks like a band-aide right now. :-D My finger is still numb. Before it just felt like a giant paper cut. Nothing like being able to see the inside of one's finger. Then we had to go and have BBQ for supper!! :-P Oh, and while I'm whining, my shoulder is sore! The men insisted I needed a tetanus booster--it was a dag-gum bread knife folks, freshly washed--no rust I promise--but I lost that argument. >-(

Anyway... all is well that ends well. All appendages are still quite firmly attached! Our poor neighbor about had a heart attack though. See, she arrived just as Pastor was, and she's thinking "how bad is this cut???? They've called in the preacher!!" What was even funnier, when I called Pastor to see if he'd be willing to come by & pick up the pickle wraps for the baby shower tonight, he had volunteered, "I'll do your funeral for free!" Funny, funny guy. ;-)

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