Thursday, April 19, 2007

12 kids....

In an episode that will challenge the sound & sanity barrier of even the most kid-noise loving among us, we're in NY with Hubby's sister & her family (with 6 kids who are 10 down to 2 years of age). Tonight my cousin Cat & her hubby and their 4 kids (5 years down to 4 months) are also joining the mayhem here. So yea.... by this time tomorrow there will be 12 kids 10 years and under in the house... of whom 9 kids are 6 and under..... whichever sounds more scary---both are true! :-) Should be fun!!!

Let's see, that's B(10), E(8), E(8), J(6), K(5), C(4), S(4), N(2), J(2), K(2), H(6mo), and J(4mo). :-D

So, are we insane???? ;-)

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