Saturday, April 7, 2007


...would be much appreciated. My folks come in on Thursday evening, then we all leave together next Thursday for what will wind up being 24 hours on the road for 14 hours of actual driving time. I know this (time estimate)because our trip to FL last weekend took 12 hours each way for 7 1/2 hours of driving time--chalk it up to traveling with small kids (2 of the 2 and under variety). For this trip we will be adding two semi-infirm 60-somethings to the mix. Well, they're not really semi-infirm, but one with two artificial hips & one with Parkinson's means they'll need to get out and stretch/walk just as much as our 2 year old. On the plus side there will be two more sets of adult eyes on the littles. But that's not the prayer request.

By the time we leave SC (after a week of grandparents in the house) I'm going to need a drink. :-D BADLY. The grandparents do not know that we drink. So I won't, because I really really really don't want to go there. Not now, not ever. We're not hiding anything, there's just no point in having the discussion. Of course the box of really cool (new) wine glasses in the cupboard might raise questions...... *sighs*

Anyway........... y'all pray. :-)

Other than a minor incident with the chest freezer in the side yard, so far so good. Today is Dad's 61st b-day....

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