Tuesday, May 1, 2007


They say the proof is in the pudding... well, no pudding in NY (though we did consume several flats of yogurt).... never mind.. it was going to be a really lame joke...

ANYWAY, as proof of our insanity & that I wasn't kidding about all those kids & their ages; here's a pic of all 12 kiddoes.

Sorry they're not all looking at the camera... we had about 4 cameras going at once & counted ourselves lucky that all the kids stayed inside those 6 sq. ft. for long enough to get the pictures taken!! :-D

Notice that there's no mud, blood, or guts. Of course, that culd be because we took the pic right after lunch on Sunday (they hadn't been allowed out in the mud yet). Almost unbelievable, but the only blood the entire Thursday -> Sunday when everybody was there was a little rugburn on BD#1's nose. That's it.

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