Sunday, July 23, 2006


Hubby's over the food poisoning (yep, I tried to kill him last week).

Baby Dragon #2 is kicking her way around inside.... but thus far seems determined to stay the course for the acceptable 40-some odd weeks--yeah for that!!

Samsbane (aka BD#1) is walking & babbling as though he has somewhere to be & something worth saying... although I'll be darned if I can make any sense of any of it! He too has recovered nicely from whatever was bugging his stomach last week (and the car-seat cover is freshly washed, if any one cares!)

Writing of funky smells in vehicles, the 'leaking very old trash bag' smell has finally dissipated from the Explorer--glad that's over with! (And yes, I miss the Ranger--at least if something leaked on the way to the dump you were still in an enclosed cab, as opposed to trapped with it in the Explorer.... in July....) *blech!*

Samsbane's FGM (fairy godmother) was here last weekend--just in time for her godson's GI distress. THAT was nice of him, eh?! She brought down a couple cool tee-shirts from the New England Aquarium (penguin themed of course), and a couple pink Phillies onesies for the new kid. Pink seems to be a good color for the Phillies these days, although I heard they managed to beat the Braves recently!!!!

I'm "enjoying serving" as head of the baby nursery at church. Had someone ask to drop out of the rotation today, citing involvement with toddler nursery during every am service. Apparently she doesn't want to miss all the AM services as well as one in somewhere between 4-8 evening services. Can't particularly say that I blame her, but if everybody that does "other stuff" on a regular basis does that, I'll wind up with like 4 people in rotation... and trust me, THAT won't go over well. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Maybe I'll institute the draft. Heh heh heh heh....

Made Italian hoagies yesterday. They were good. I was so fixated on how good they'd taste that I forgot to buy the diapers that I'd gone there to get. Like specifically... went to Publix because diapers were on sale, but figured I'd get sub stuff while I was there. Got there & was so excited about having subs again that I forgot the dang diapers. Of well!! (Yes, we still have enough on hand to last a couple more weeks... it's just the principle of forgetting the one thing I was going for.) Oh well.... at least the hoagies were good. If you forget how good they can be, read this..... it's my hoagie recipe!!

Enough randomness... time to go fix supper................

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