Thursday, June 15, 2006

Of Poison, pregnancy, physicians, & other things "P"

Things have been approaching the dusty side of quiet on Xanga, so I thought I'd post an update that nobody would care about anyway, just to say I contributed to the solution..... so here goes!

My poison ivy is entering it's third week... from wrists & arms to face & neck to torso & legs, I've had it pretty much everywhere & yes, I really do look like a freak escapee from the circus. But no, I don't look as bad as I did last week! The burns from the salt compress are healing nicely (don't ask), & rashes gradually seem to be subsiding--finally. It's not over til the fat lady sings.... right now she's thinking about warming up. Heh.

The pregnancy is progressing nicely. Am somewhere almost 22 weeks in--over halfway!! Yeah!! Thinking this one is going to like karate, gymnastics, or both. Today I'd have to say both. Whate'er the wee one is, wee one wants OUT. Best to wait though, and speaking of waiting or putting things off until later....

Finally saw my "real OB" physician today for one of two state-mandated "regular OB checkup" visits. Apparently DHEC thinks the midwives are incapable of fully managing prenatal care (but they're OK for delivery?!) Anyway, he says I'm fine, agrees with the midwives assessment of my due date at October 19th, and of course laughed at me for waiting halfway through the pregnancy before seeing any kind of medical professional at all. I didn't bother trying to tell him I had been busy with moving, acquiring new vehicles, chasing Samsbane, etc., etc.

Well, supper is ready, so any other things related to "p" will just have to wait. This mama is hungry!!

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