Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Kid's a-kick'in

Hubby got a good swift kick in the hand for his end-of-May present a few evenings ago. 'Tis always cool when Daddy first gets to feel the little one doing the Highland Fling.

Speaking of things related to baby.... spoke with the midwife of choice the other day. While we don't have our first meeting with her until tomorrow evening (sort-of a two way interview.. see if she's comfortable working with us & vice-versa), she did tell me that my due date is more like October 19th!! *Gulp* Guess we'll be retrieving that single bed from Chez Ramey sooner than I had thought 'cause Samsbane is going to need a place to sleep when the little one gets here!!!

Another cool thing about this midwife of choice.... my old OB just recommended her!!! I had kinda lost track of him after Samsbane was born because he left the practice I was with to open his own office. Well anyway, in the decision making process (home vs. hospital) for Baby Dragon #2, I had told hubby IF we were going the hospital route, I was going to change Dr's & go see my old OB at his new office. He's already been there & done that... and he's the Dr that called the hospital and told them "No, she doesn't *have* to have the "routine fluid IV." So there! -]

So yea anyway, I finally looked up his office online this afternoon & e-mailed him just to see if he knew of any midwives that he'd be willing to recommend. I figured he'd give me a hard time (or not answer the question at all) b/c I was asking for info on his "competition," but I just got an e-mail back from him like 15 minutes ago, listing the name of the midwife that we're meeting with tomorrow; says she's an excellent midwife, and that I "would be a very good candidate for a home birth, though with your record your husband might still be the one delivering." Funny guy!!

So cool!! The Lord works in mysterious ways to confirm His will.......

And as an extra treat, here's a new pic of the aforementioned Samsbane (aka Baby Dragon #1)

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