Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All ready to go!

Some 12 hours after getting set up, the backing, batting, and top are all sandwiched and ready for pin-basting.

By the time I got done basting the quilt, re-assembling the church's fellowship hall, and dragging everything back into our house; it was 2 AM this morning. Merely 15.5 hours after first arriving at church.



Lisa said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS! You did a wonderful job, to be sure! If you want/ need help hand quilting I know of a certain SIL you'll be seeing soon. Ahem. :) Hugs and kisses to you all!

The Savage said...

Oh yes, the quilt is definitely making the trip with us. I can't afford that long off-task!! :-D

I'm looking forward to picking GM's brain for hand-quilting ideas too. How her stitches are so consistent... other than years of practice, of course! :-)

And yes, I think I'll be able to "let go" enough to accept help with the hand quilting... I think. You know how I am.... :-S

See ya's soon!!

Georgia said...

That thing is AMAZING! I do not hand quilt. Blech. But that is beautiful. Way to go!