Monday, December 31, 2007

For Aaron....

Our Mountain of Strength

Aaron, our son - "Mountain of strength",
A gift from our Lord this year,
So many months of hopes and dreams,
Are now dissolved into tears.

But how can we cry? How can we sorrow?
You are face to face with the Lord!
And though you are gone to your Heavenly home,
We are still bound by love's strong cord.

Let your body sleep; your soul rejoice and sing,
You do not see through a glass darkly today,
We praise God for you, and expect to praise Him with you,
When we reach Heaven one day.

Our thoughts and dreams must adapt to God's will,
You will not be forgotten, though your time here was brief.
Oh Lord be our Rock, our "Mountain of Strength",
And comfort us in our grief.

Yes, my SIL wrote it for the program for the funeral on Friday.

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