Thursday, January 4, 2007

I feel naked... and behind..... O.o !?!

Notice I said "feel," not "am".... and no, my behind isn't naked either. :-D

The feeling of nakedness comes from messing with our anti-virus software... dumping the high-priced pain in the behind stuff and going with really well-functioning free stuff. Just a weird feeling... although the free stuff found some stuff that the high-priced stuff had let through.
Enough stuff in that ^ there sentence?!

Anyway... I am getting behind on e-mails.... I leave the ones I want to put a modicum of thought into answering marked as "new".... and right now I think I have more "new" email than I can answer in a week's worth of kids naps...... so while everyone is sleeping, off to answer e-mail I go....fully clothed! :-)

Trivia question...

When talking of measuring things, is it teaspoonsfull or teaspoonfulls?

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