Thursday, January 11, 2007


.........wants to run away screaming......... but I can't run with an almost 22 month old clinging to my leg!!

No, actually things are going just fine.

We're all recovering from head cold/sinus/cough stuff (except the baby, she escaped, PTL).

BD#1 still likes his little sister, despite the interrupted sleep (we moved her to the big crib in his room this week). In evidence that he still likes her, I submit the following pictures:

In the first, he's giving her one of his favorite blocks.

In the second he's just sitting beside her on the couch...please notice that he's not poking at her or trying to shove her off the couch...which IS the evidence that he likes her (that and the way he lights up when he sees her get up in the morning or being carried into the room after a nap)... It's like he's excited that she's still here.... ....which is good since she's staying. ;-)

Happy New Year, everybody!!!!!!!

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