Saturday, July 2, 2005

Time is flying by...

Dude, it's JULY already!?!?! Where is the time going?? The kid is over 3 months old, just this week my best friend from high school days came for a visit & has gone again, I've had dinner with 18 people all at once, C&L have already been gone for a week, and I've crashed at their place for an afternoon...just for the couches. What a week!!

Were supposed to have a family w/ 5 kids over for a cook-out tonight (Friday), but we got preempted by a family with 6 kids. (I've only got one kid, how can I compete?) There wound up being 6 adults and 12 kids over at our friend's place (the ones w/ 6 kids)....let's just say that supper was a happy, noisy affair--what do you expect with 18 people eating all at once? My dinner invitation may have been preempted, but they still wanted our company, and the food that I'd already made. Fortunately I had decided to fix the food *before* I cleaned the house, so even though we wound up having to travel for (& with) our supper, at least I hadn't "wasted" time cleaning the house in vain..... of course I suppose there's the down side of having to clean the house later today... but I plan to sleep a bit before then.

Gave blood yesterday. Got my "2 Gallon" pin. Uber-cool. Takes 16 units to get there. Didn't realize I'd been donating long enough to have given that much, although I probably gave more than that while growing up... forever skinning knees, shins, elbows, hands. Never lived up to my middle name (Grace). Ha!!

The kid's 'Fairy god-mother' (my best friend from high school, Nancy) was down this week. Bless her heart, she rented a hotel room so I didn't have to clean the house for her either. She arrived Monday with the requisite arm-load of new clothes & toys for the kid. Coolest is a set of alphabet "Peek-a-blocks" (A-airplane, T-train, etc., and all with at least one moving part inside). Poor kid never got to touch even one of them... but they've all been played with, so guess who did the playing??

We did all kinds of cool things while she was here (besides playing with the 3 month olds toys). Most notable was a side trip to Anderson on Tuesday so we could snap a pic of her standing in front of the T.L.Hanna sign. She shows Radio to her high school English classes every semester (they love it), but they never believe that she knows where Anderson, SC is--much less anyone who lives there. Of course we had to stop by C&L's while we were in town....

.....We took 81 back to Greenville, stopping by Dairy Queen for ice cream along the way. You can't really imagine how much these two Yankee girls like ice cream unless you know that the NE (NorthEast/New England) consumes more ice cream per capita than any other area of the country. Yum! [That tidbit was free!]

Now if you want an interesting perspective on education & educational philosophies (public, Christian, homeschool), you should have been a fly on my wall on Wednesday. See, BD1's FGM teaches high school English classes in a public school in New Jersey... I used to work with achievement tests for homeschoolers... we are both graduates of a Christian school in Jersey... and we were discussing "values education" in the public schools as it correlates to the false Aslan in C. S. Lewis' The Final Battle. I don't know that I made my point well, but we had an interesting discussion anyway!!

Anyway.... it's already past 5am. Little guy will be up around 7:15am, jabbering to himself in 3-month-speak and wanting breakfast shortly thereafter, so I suppose I'd better go get a bit of shut-eye before then. Hurray for weekends!!!

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