Thursday, July 7, 2005

A "cool-down" song

What I would have given to have been a fly on that wall... My girlfriend Nancy teaches English at a public school in southern Jersey. Each year several of her students are involved in the AFJROTC (Air Force Junior/Juvenile? ROTC). The kids who are officers in the program are responsible for picking the songs for the Jr/Sr prom. This year their advisor declared they needed to pick out a "cool-down" song... one that would make the hormone-happy teens step back & say "Whaaaa???" thus giving them a chance to 'cool down,' or at least give them a momentary reprieve from all the PDA. So... guess what the enterprising guys of the JROTC picked for their first-ever "cool-down" song? One of the "Silly Songs with Larry" of Veggie Tales fame!!!

Sorry, that just cracked me up. The mental image of all these kids at the prom... getting all hot & heavy with their dates... and then their next dance being to a tune from Veggie Tales?? Tooooo funny.

Oh, and BTW, Nancy said it worked...........

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