Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Project time

So I'm working on a project. It's meant to be a surprise, and I'm pretty sure the recipient doesn't read here. If so, well... it won't be a surprise after all. But that's OK. The sight of me bald after it's over can be the surprise instead, LOL.

I'm embarking on my first full quilt. Have done exactly two squares before, and hand quilted the top (and binding) of one full-sized quilt. This should be interesting. I looked at the double-wedding ring patterns, but they all say "novices need not apply." Moving on then!!

Found another quilt block that looks interesting. The directions are kinda sparse, but the graphic is cool!! Here's to hoping the paucity of instruction won't be a problem. I guess if you're tackling this pattern, the author assumes you already know the quilting basics.

So, project pattern selected. Now to find out what colors "they" like. And buy fabric. And get going....

1 comment:

Lori said...

You get extra points for using the word "paucity" in a sentence. ;-)