Saturday, January 2, 2010

Well that's annoying.......

LOL. How's that for a subject line??

So we took New Year's Day to tool around town, hit the mall for 50% off 2010 calendars, grab a puzzle board, get a new name plate engraved for a desk clock (returned/re-gifted from my dad-to whom we gave it 10 years ago), get a flash drive & bigger SD card for the camera, pick to the state car for hubby's upcoming week in Columbia, etc. We left the house at, oh I dunno, maybe 2pm?? Had our "traditional" Chinese dinner for the New Year. Got home around 8:30pm. Kids were in bed by 9pm--woot--tired out from skipping naps and wandering all over the mall this afternoon.

BUT we couldn't get the desk clock done b/c the gal was afraid she'd ruin it trying to get the old plate off, so WE have to get the old one off then go back for a new one; AND the camera (and a separate card reader) will not take the new SDHC card.... because it's high-density I suppose; AND the guy overcharged me by like 4 bucks for the puzzle mat... how a less than $18 item rings for $23+ with only 6% sales tax... (you do the math); AND because the direct deposit isn't completely set up yet, if I want hubby's check for the last half of December before Monday the 11th, I have to go pick it up ('cause he'll be in Columbia all week). So....

Yeah, that's just freaking annoying, LOL. At least the kids will be happy that they get to go back to that "play place" in the mall... (they have a random spot for kids set up... of course I can't just leave them there while I run all the returns/haggling)... :-\ This should be fun.

And I do NOT want to be in the shoes of the Radio Shack guy who tries to tell me I can't return the memory card because the packaging has been opened & because they only do exchanges if it's defective. Nope, don't want to be in his shoes....... *evil laugh*

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