Thursday, February 26, 2009

We're here..., really! We're here. Sorry for the lack of posts. Good thing I don't have a regular readership to miss me, eh?! We really are doing well. It's just that when I have brain power to think there are no hands free and something is WAY over-due to be done. (As in, it would be nice to sit down to supper before 8pm on any given weeknight.) By the time I have time and hands free at the same time to blog, I'd rather sleep. But since I'm here, I'll update. :-)

All is well. BD#3 is fitting into life here quite nicely. Up almost 4 lbs in his first 6 weeks--can you say good eater?! The older two are adjusting nicely to the newest dragon. Hopefully he doesn't mind being "petted" on the head, LOL.

The transition from 2 to 3 children has definitely been easier than from 1 to 2. Don't know why, it just has. Yeah for that! The fact that he's sleeping at least one 6 hour block at night (with an occasional 7-9 hour night tossed in for fun) has been a HUGE help. I think I'm getting more sleep now than I have in recent years.

Speaking of sleep..... Bye!!


Lisa said...

Praise God for chunky babies from good Mama's milk! Daniel looks wonderful. Wish I could kiss his little cheeks! You'll have to do it by proxy for Aunt Lisa and Uncle Dale and all the cousins. While you are at give give the other BD's hugs and kisses for us!

TulipGirl said...

So sweet! And hooray for 4 lbs so quickly! *grin* I found 2 to 3 easier than 1 to 2. . . but my mom found the opposite to be true. I was very nervous about going to 3. . .